x Warner x

x Warner x

Warner Music Group was created in 2003 in Burbank, CA.

The following labels and/or its catalogs are now owned by Warner Music Group.

Atlantic sub-labels/catalogs.

AtlanticAsylumAtcoCarrereCotillionElektraRadioRolling StonesWing And A Prayer

Warner sub-labels/catalogs.

Warner Bros.BearsvilleCapricornQwestRepriseRFCSireWarner-SpectorWhitfield

Rhino sub-labels/catalogs.

ButterflyCurtomPyramidRouletteStangSugar HillTurboVibration

T.K. sub-labels/catalogs.

AlstonAPADashDealers ChoiceDriveElectric CatJuanaKayvetteMarlinPIPShieldSilver BlueSunnyviewSunshine SoundT.K. DiscoT.K. Records

Songs in our database recorded by the label: x Warner x

Artist Song Year Duration Original Label Mix by UK US NL Disco Album title Album label Country Catalog number Format Original duration Distributor Genre