x Unidisc x

x Unidisc x

Unidisc Music was created in 1993 in Montreal, Canada.

The following labels and/or its catalogs are now owned by Unidisc Music.

Attic Becket Black Sun Brass Chaz Ro De-Lite Destiny Easy Street Emergency Fusion Importe/12 Matra Megatone Midland International Midsong International Mirage O Records Phase II Prelude Prism Quality Radar Red Greg RFC Quality Roy B. SMI Solar Soul Train Sound Of New York Sugarscoop Sutra TEC Unidisc Uniwave Venture WMOT

Songs in our database recorded by the label: x Unidisc x

Artist Song Year Duration Original Label Mix by UK US NL Disco Album title Album label Country Catalog number Format Original duration Distributor Genre